Motorcycle Training Prices

1 December 2018

Its always better to pay for the right training initially & Pass Your Tests 1st Time
than go for the Cheapest training & end up Paying Again when you Fail.

Motorcycle Training Prices Including Bike*/ Equipment hire & VAT.

We will match if not beat the Motorcycle Training Prices of Any Training School in the Local Area on a like for like basis*. When Comparing Prices please read the notes at the bottom of this page.

  • 10% Discount on Training for Military & 999 Services (Regular & Full Time)*
  • 10% Discount weekday CBT when Booking with a Friend.
  • 20% Discount for Each Student on 2,3 or 4 Hour Sessions** Booking with a Friend.
  • Other Discounts may be available up to 50%, Please look at “Availability”

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Guaranteed Pass*  

CBT Weekdays Start at 9.00 and finish between 3.30 and 5.00 £95   
CBT Weekends Start at 8.30 and finish between 3.00 and 4.30 £105
CBT Renewal (old CBT must be valid and using your own bike) £90
CBT Included with 3 or more 4 hour sessions (Experienced Riders) £20

*Free Training given if CBT isn’t passed 1st time

125cc Motorcycle & Scooter Unsupervised Hire (For Academy Students)
Bikes & Scooters to hire for unsupervised practice/125 Tests £50 a Day


Mod 1 & 2 Combined Intense Course DAS 600cc+ / A2 400cc+

  • 3 Consecutive Days of 5 Hours* Quality Training with the Mod 2 the following week.
  • CBT can be included for Experienced Riders (An assessment may be needed)
  • Mod 1 Replica Site with Speed measuring device available throughout Training.
  • The Most Cost effective way of Passing your Tests.
  • Genuine Pass Rates Mod 1 = 88.1% & Mod 2 87.3%  2 December 2018
18.5+ Hours Quality Training  = £500


Individual 1 to 1 Sessions of 4 Hours DAS 600cc+ / A2 400cc+ Weekday Sessions (Weekend Sessions available + 20%)

  • 1 Instructor to 1 Student Sessions are Booked at Days & Times that are Convenient to You**
  • Mod 1 Replica Site with Speed Measuring Device to ensure you have the Correct Training & Practice needed. +£5
  • CBT can be taken on Series of 3 or more Sessions. The Most Cost Effective 1 to 1 Training in the Area Guaranteed.
  • Train with a Friend = 20% Discount for Both students Not Just One.
1 x 2 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking)
1 x 3 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking) £112.50
1 x 4 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking)


Test Fees
Tests will normally be booked for the week of course.
Module 1 £15.50 Module 2 £75
Advanced Training/Enhanced Rider Scheme ERS (Bikes not provided)
RoSPA Diploma Qualified instructor 1-to-1 Training (Train with a friend 25% Discount)
Half Day (9 – 12.00) = £90 Full Day (9 – 15.00) = £160 (30 Min Lunch)

If Comparing CBT Prices with Other Motorcycle Training Schools please check the details of what you are actually paying for.

  • A CBT may not include the hire of the bike.
  • The Training Facilities are not the ones pictured on the web site.
  • A CBT “Included” in a Course could really be 2 Sessions of your Course!
  • There could be too many students and you end up waiting for your turn!
  • You may even be sent home to return again as there are not enough Instructors to take all the students on the road.
  • If you’re the only student booked in, the CBT may be Cancelled the night before!
  • Discounts Advertised may only apply to the second student when booking in as a pair & not both!
  • The Student to Instructor Ratio could be exceeded, 4 to 1 Off road , 2 to 1 On Road (we normally do 2 to 1 Throughout the CBT)

Price Notes DAS/A2. With Other Rider/Training Schools Check List.

  • A “Session” could be just to get to the Test Centre and Back!
  • A Course “Including CBT” could really be 2 Sessions of your Course!
  • Discounts Advertised may only apply to the second student when booking in as a pair & not both!
  • Discounts only apply to the Sessions Initially Booked & Any Additional Sessions will be at Full Price!
  • The Training Facilities are not the ones pictured on the web site.
  • You may be put with another student of a very different ability and Your Training Will Suffer!
  • The Majority of Mod 1 Training may be done on PUBLIC ROADS & not on a safe Off Road site!

Once a Provisional Booking has been made a Deposit is required to confirm the booking. This Deposit is non refundable & non transferable.  Test Fees will be refunded if cancelled with at least 7 Clear Working days before date of test.

  • CBT= £50
  • CBT Renew = £50
  • DAS Combined Mod 1 & 2 Intense Course = £250 + £90.50 Test Fees
  • Individual Lesson/Back 2 Bike = £50
  • Advanced Deposit/ERS = £50
  • CBT Return Payment = £50

Deposit Payment Options
When paying your Deposit please call, text or email so we can confirm receipt. Cheques unfortunately will not be accepted as a form of payment.

  • Bank Transfer Sorting Code = 08-71-99  Account Number 30859670.
  • PayPal with the link to the right of this list. Please note PayPal will Charge you a 3% administration charge.
  • Payments can be made over the phone using a Debit Card.
  • By dropping off Cash in the deposit box located in the Office or direct to the Chief Instructor.

Although the bikes & equipment provided are Fully Insured, there is a £500 excess, therefore students are required to pay for any damage they cause up to a Max of £500, Insurance waivers can be bought prior to training which cover this cost for £10 per Day or 5 Hours Individual Training.

Price Guarantee*
Training must be like for like ie, include Bike & Equipment hire and VAT. Includes any deals that are published but not special individual deals. Must be within a 20 Mile radius of Stowmarket.

Military & 999 Services Discount*
Only applies to Regular serving Military & 999 Services Personnel (Full Time) and can not be used if another discount is being claimed.

Guaranteed CBT Pass*
If after the training you have not reached the standard required, students will be invited back for Free Training when spaces are available. Although the Training is Free there is a £50 Bike Hire Charge and you may wish to purchase the Insurance excess waiver again.

DAS,A2 Course Timings*
If there is only 1 Student booked on a Course, the timings will be reduced by 1 Hour per Day, but you will be getting 1 to 1 Tuition.

To get the 10%-20% train with a friend discount the course/lessons have to be booked, scheduled and the deposit paid together. No other Discount can be used at the same time.

Academy Of Motorcycling is a DVSA Approved Independent Training Body & is not associated to any other training body of a similar name.



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