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1 March 2020 

Due to various factors concerning the Pandemic we have closed the office & the only training to continue until further notice is:
     CBT Renewals (On your own bike)
     Back 2 Biking (On your own bike)
     Advanced Training (On your own bike)
If you wish to book any Training please call 07940700526 or email

Please Do Not Call or Visit Mototechniks regarding Motorcycle Training.

Its always better to pay for the right training initially & Pass Your Tests 1st Time
than go for the Cheapest training & end up Paying Again when you Fail.

Motorcycle Training Prices Including Bike*/ Equipment hire & VAT.

We will match if not beat the Motorcycle Training Prices of Any Training School in the Local Area on a like for like basis*. When Comparing Prices please read the notes at the bottom of this page.

  • £50 Off Each Rider when booking a DAS/A2 Course Together.
  • 5% Discount on Training for Military & 999 Services (Regular & Full Time)*
  • 10% Weekday CBTs when Booking with a Friend.
  • 20% Discount for Each Student on 2,3 or 4 Hour Sessions** Booking with a Friend.
  • Other Discounts may be available up to 25%, Please look at “Availability”

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Discounted CBT Return*  

CBT Weekdays Start at 9.00 and finish between 3.30 and 5.30

Book & Train with a Friend – 10% Discount for both Students



CBT Weekends Start at 8.30 and finish between 3.00 and 4.30 £115
CBT Renewal (old CBT must be valid and using your own bike) £100
*CBT Return if the CBT isn’t passed 1st time students will be invited back once for Discounted training. Half Price
50cc/125cc Motorcycle & Scooter Hire (For Academy Students)
Bikes hire unsupervised practice/125 Tests –  £30 a Day / £55 for 2


Mod 1 & 2 Combined Intense Course DAS 600cc+ / A2 400cc+

  • 3 Consecutive Days of 5 Hours* Quality Training with the Mod 2 the following week.
  • CBT can be included for Experienced Riders for £20 (An assessment may be needed)
  • Mod 1 Replica Site with Speed measuring device available throughout Training.
  • The Most Cost effective way of Passing your Tests.
  • Genuine Pass Rates Mod 1 = 88.4% & Mod 2 84.9%  19 Feb 2020
18.5+ Hours Quality Training = £550  £500 Each when Booking as a Pair


Individual 1 to 1 Sessions of 4 Hours DAS 600cc+ / A2 400cc+ Weekday Sessions (Weekend Sessions available + 10%)

  • 1 Instructor to 1 Student Sessions are Booked at Days & Times that are Convenient to You**
  • Mod 1 Replica Site with Speed Measuring Device to ensure you have the Correct Training & Practice needed. +£5
  • CBT can be included for £20 with 2 or more sessions. The Most Cost Effective 1 to 1 Training in the Area Guaranteed.
  • Train with a Friend = 20% Discount for Both students Not Just One.
1 x 2 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking)
1 x 3 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking) £120
1 x 4 Hour Session (DAS / A2 / Back 2 Biking)


Test Fees
Tests will normally be booked for the week of course.
Module 1 £15.50 Module 2 £75
Advanced Training/Enhanced Rider Scheme ERS (Bikes not provided)
RoSPA Diploma Qualified instructor 1-to-1 Training (Train with a friend 25% Discount)
Half Day (9 – 12.00) = £95 Full Day (9 – 15.00) = £170 (30 Min Lunch) 

If Comparing CBT Prices with Other Motorcycle Training Schools please check the details of what you are actually paying for.

  • A CBT may not include the hire of the bike.
  • The Training Facilities are not the ones pictured on the web site.
  • A CBT “Included” in a Course could really be 2 Sessions of your Course!
  • There could be too many students and you end up waiting for your turn!
  • You may even be sent home to return again as there are not enough Instructors to take all the students on the road.
  • If you’re the only student booked in, the CBT may be Cancelled the night before!
  • Discounts Advertised may only apply to the second student when booking in as a pair & not both!
  • The Student to Instructor Ratio could be exceeded, 4 to 1 Off road , 2 to 1 On Road (we normally do 2 to 1 Throughout the CBT)

Price Notes DAS/A2. With Other Rider/Training Schools Check List.

  • A “Session” could be just to get to the Test Centre and Back!
  • A Course “Including CBT” could really be 2 Sessions of your Course!
  • Discounts Advertised may only apply to the second student when booking in as a pair & not both!
  • Discounts only apply to the Sessions Initially Booked & Any Additional Sessions will be at Full Price!
  • The Training Facilities are not the ones pictured on the web site.
  • You may be put with another student of a very different ability and Your Training Will Suffer!
  • The Majority of Mod 1 Training may be done on PUBLIC ROADS & not on a safe Off Road site!

Once a Provisional Booking has been made a Deposit is required to confirm the booking. This Deposit is non refundable & non transferable.  Test Fees will be refunded if cancelled with at least 7 Clear Working days before date of test.

  • CBT= £50
  • CBT Renew/CBT Return = £50
  • DAS Combined Mod 1 & 2 Intense Course = £250 + £90.50 Test Fees
  • Individual Lesson/Back 2 Bike = £50
  • Advanced Deposit/ERS = £50
  • CBT Return Payment = £50

Deposit Payment Options
When paying your Deposit please text or email so we can confirm receipt. Cheques unfortunately will not be accepted as a form of payment.

  • Bank Transfer Sorting Code = 08-71-99  Account Number 30859670.
  • PayPal with the link to the right of this list. Please note PayPal will Charge you a 3% administration charge.
  • Payments can be made over the phone using a Debit Card.
  • By dropping off Cash in the deposit box located in the Office or direct to the Chief Instructor.

Although the bikes & equipment provided are Fully Insured, there is a £500 excess, therefore students are required to pay for any damage they cause up to a Max of £500, Insurance waivers can be bought prior to training which cover this cost for £10 per Day or 5 Hours Individual Training.

*Price Guarantee
Training must be like for like ie, include Bike & Equipment hire and VAT. Includes any deals that are published but not special individual deals. Must be within a 20 Mile radius of Stowmarket.

*5% Military & 999 Services Discount
Only applies to Regular serving Military & 999 Services Personnel (Full Time) and can not be used if another discount is being claimed & will be rounded up to the nearest pound.

*Discounted CBT Return 
If after training the student hasn’t reached the required standard, they will be invited back for one further training at a discounted CBT price, students may wish to purchase the Insurance excess waiver again.  CBT Returns have be within a month of the original CBT and have booked and  paid for in advance.  Non attendance or cancellation of the scheduled CBT Return will result in paying full price for any further training.

*DAS,A2 Course Timings
If there is only 1 Student booked on a Course, the timings will be reduced by 1 Hour per Day, but you will be getting 1 to 1 Tuition.

To get the 5%-20% train with a friend discount the lessons have to be booked, scheduled and the deposit paid together. No other Discount can be used at the same time.

Academy Of Motorcycling is a DVSA Approved Independent Training Body & is not associated to any other training body of a similar name.



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