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Category A2 Test Training 400cc Stowmarket Mid Suffolk, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds

Due to various factors concerning the Pandemic we have closed the office & the only training to continue until further notice is:
     CBT Renewals (On your own bike)
     Back 2 Biking (On your own bike)
     Advanced Training (On your own bike)
If you wish to book any Training please call 07940700526 or email info@academyofmotorcycling.co.uk

Please Do Not Call or Visit Mototechniks regarding Motorcycle Training.

We provide Training that get Results. Excellent Pass Rates due to our Great Facilities & Training.


Category A2 Middle Weight 400cc+

If you are 19 or over and have passed your CBT and Motorcycle Theory you can opt to take your tests on a motorcycle 400cc or larger that produces between 33Bhp/25kw and 47Bhp/35kw.

The Motorcycle Test is conducted in two parts: 

Module 1 is on an off road site and consists of 11 Manoeuvres (see Video below)  Don’t worry about the Mod 1, here at the Academy we have replicated the Mod 1 Test area and with the aid of a accurate speed measuring devise you can have unlimited realistic practice before your test. Of all the Ipswich Motorcycle Schools we are the ONLY School that can offer this facility and we would class our self’s as Mod 1 Experts. In addition all the bikes over 400cc have ABS for added safety.

Module 2 is a 35/40 minute ride on the road.

If you pass both your theory and practical tests you would be able to take your L plates off and take a passenger but you would be restricted to a Motorcycle of up to 47Bhp/35Kw.

Progressive Access. If you pass both your theory and A2 practical tests you are restricted to a bike of the 47Bhp/35kw until you take the A Category tests which can be done once you have held the A2 category licence for two years, this is called Staged/Stepped or Progressive Access and you don’t need to take another Theory test.

If you reach the age of 24 before you have had 2 years on your A2 category licence you can take the A category Test, you would not need a CBT however you would need a valid Theory test certificate which only has a life span of 2 years.

The 47Bhp restriction can initially appear to limit your choice of bike quite substantially, however firms that produce restriction kits are expanding their range quickly to cover the need and major bike Manufactures are now making bikes just under the 47Bhp limit.

A2 Motorcycle Training can be completed as the following:

A Combined Intense Motorcycle Course. 18.5+ Hours* Equivalent to 5 Sessions. Great Value for Money

  • The Best Mod 1 Training Facilities in the Area Guaranteed.
  • 3 Consecutive Days followed by the Mod 2 Test the following week.
  • Normally Tuesday & Wednesday 08.30 – 13.30 Thursday 12.30 – 17.30*
  • Mod 1 normally booked for the Wednesday.
  • Mod 2 normally booked for the Thursday the following week.*
  • A CBT can be Included for experienced Riders. + £20
  • Great Value for Money as most Students Pass 1st Time.

Individual Sessions Booked 1-to-1 or as a Pair.  The Cheapest 1 – to – 1 Training in the Area.

  • The Best Mod 1 Training Facilities in the Area Guaranteed.
  • Book Sessions (2 or 4 Hours) at times that are Convenient to you.
  • Can be booked over a weekend or evenings + 20%
  • 20% Discount for both students if booked with a Friend. 

Prices are exactly the same as DAS Motorcycle Training or a DAS Motorcycle Course.

Module 1 Off Road Manoeuvres Test consists of 11 manoeuvres which can be practised here at our off road site realistically with a speed measuring device before you take your test.

You could be passing your test in less than two weeks!! Look at Availability to see when the next courses and tests are available.

*Training Hours will be reduced by 1 Hour per Day if there is only 1 student on the course.

*The Mod 2 could be booked for the same week but if the Mod 1 isn’t passed the Mod 2 Test Fee would be lost.

*Only one discount can be used at anyone time.

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