Back To Biking

Back to Biking

Back to Biking or Rusty Rider is designed for riders who already have a full Motorcycle licence, but have been out of the saddle for a few years and wish to return back to biking.


As you can see bikes have advanced a little over the decades, don’t get caught out!

Back to Biking / Rusty Rider training will be totally tailored to the individual, you decide the starting point and dictate the speed of progression.

Back to Biking / Rusty Rider training will consist of the following elements:

  • A brief discussion on past riding experience
  • Slow speed skills on the off road training area
  • Off road training will continue until the student has reached a safe standard and is confident with their own ability
  • Brief discussion of road craft along with any other any areas of concern
  • Out on the road in full radio contact
  • Brief discussion on observed strengths and weakness and further training requirements if needed.

We have a great selection of training bikes for your use from a little 125cc to a 650cc (with ABS) which are included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about using your new bike.

If you need any further information about Back to Biking / Rusty Rider training please contact us either on 01449 775776 or via the “Contact Us” Page.


If your interested in Classic motorcycle please click “Classic Motorcycles” 

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