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We are sorry but due to the fact that Stuart Burton, who has worked with us for 6 years is now buying the Company and the legal side is still being processed we are unable at present to receive bookings. 

For all enquires please call Stuart Burton on 07939 260626

But please keep checking the website for when we are able to start training. 

Please Do Not Call or Visit Mototechniks regarding Motorcycle Training. 


Weekday CBT = £105,   Weekend CBT = £115,   CBT Renewal = £100,      10% Book & Train with a Friend Discount Available on Weekday CBTs

Normal Ratio only 2 Students to 1 Instructor and with our huge safe off road site you will NOT be sitting around waiting for your turn.

Start Time 09.00 during the week and 08.30 on a Weekend.

Before you can ride a Motorcycle or Scooter on the road legally a CBT Certificate (DL196) is required.  (The only exception is for riding a moped if you obtained your full car licence before Feb 2001).

CBT Compulsory Basic Training with us is normally conducted with 2 Students to 1 Instructor throughout, other Motorcycle /Rider Schools will take 4 Students, this is legal on the Off Road elements but we think its far better and safer to do motorcycle training with only 2 Students to 1 Instructor.  We have the Best Training Facilities in the area which allows all 4 Students to ride SAFELY at the same time for ALL the manoeuvres required on a CBT.

Everybody learns at different rates and not everybody will ready to go out on the road on the first day, if needed students can book in again for a “CBT Return” which will be charged at 50% the normal rate.

CBT Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich areas Suffolk can done with us, we have the Best CBT Off Road Site in the area, we are just off the A14, really easy to find, free safe parking, great Instructors, bikes and prices.

Please remember its CBT Compulsory Basic Training is not a CBT Test, you will not fail if you make a mistake, if we can rectify that mistake you will Pass you CBT.

CBT Compulsory Basic Training involves:

  • Element A – An informal talk & demonstration on equipment and clothing.
  • Element B – Familiarization of the bikes controls, and basic maintenance.
  • Element C – Off-road skills & drills, starting with very basic manouvers.
  • Element D – Road safety discussion and brief on Element E.
  • Element E – Road Ride with an instructor in radio contact for a minimum of 2 hours.

CBT Compulsory Basic Training courses  starts at 09.00 during the week & 08.30 at the weekends and takes between 5 to 7.5 hours, this is dependent on previous experience and what bikes are being used (Automatic Scooters/Mopeds or 125cc bikes with gears) don’t worry if the standard isn’t initially achieved you will be invited back once for further training at a discounted price of *£50 this could be another complete CBT or just a training session to get up to the standard to be awarded your CBT Compulsory Basic Training Certificate.  The “CBT Return” has to be done within one month of the original CBT and has to be booked and paid for in advance, non attendance of the scheduled “CBT Return” will result in any further training to be charged at full price 

A CBT Compulsory Basic Training Certificate will allow a student to ride as a Learner for 2 years, Students who are 16 are limited to a 50cc Moped until they turn 17.

Before your CBT please read the highway code.

All equipment needed for CBT is supplied at no extra cost, however, if you have your own this is preferable, but please ensure it is road legal. Students own bikes will be covered by the Academy Insurance (third party). If you wish to use your own bike please inform us before the CBT and please ensure that it is legal and well prepared.

Check List of things to Bring:

  • UK Card Driving Licence, the paper counterpart is now not needed.
  • Suitable warm clothing if its cold.
  • Strong Boots or shoes.
  • Thick Trousers or Jeans.
  • Glasses (if you sometimes wear them)
  • If you have your own equipment please bring it with you.
  • Bring a packed lunch as the CBT may take up to 7.5 Hours

After completing the CBT you may wish to go on to take your test, for more information about the tests and training available please look in the other headings in “Training Provided”.

For costs please look at the prices page.

* Return CBT Students may wish to buy the Insurance excess again.

*Only one discount can be used at anyone time.



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